I just wanted to say that your Commercial Audition Class has made a world of difference in my professional life.  Since taking it, I'm getting called back so much more and I'm booking a ton -- in fact, my first commercial as a lead will start airing tonight.  I look at myself a year ago and I can't believe how far your class has helped me come. Thank you so much!    - Patrick M.

You are really developing a focused approach to achieving success in the industry. The school is rapidly turning into one of the premiere opportunities for actors. Your reputation with agents is already without peer. And now, a very specific philosophy is forming, one that all of us veterans have recognized and in some way contributed to over the years. This is the first time in my experience, professionals of a similar mind are gathering to promote that philosophy, and to assist and support each other in achieving results for the actor. Focus and attitude and 'listening' and the like. It is a pleasure and a distinction to be part of something so well imagined and designed.  You guys are special. You are really developing something special in an industry that so readily loses focus.  Good work, Judy Kain. - Steve P.

"I have taken a lot of commercial classes in Los Angeles, and KIRA is the absolute best! The teachers are knowledgeable, friendly and above all professional. They use relevant techniques and simulate what is happening in auditions currently. I feel more prepared and confident than ever to walk into an audition. I have taken the Wednesday Workout Commercial drop-ins, the Adult Commercial  Advanced Callback class, and a private coaching with Tom Burke to prepare for my headshot session. I cannot say enough about the value of all these courses. I found every teacher to be helpful, encouraging and a wealth of information. Judy Kain taught the Advanced Callback class and blew me away. And if you've ever thought about getting help from someone to prepare for a headshot session, Tom Burke is beyond phenomenal. I just told my friend it was the best money I've ever spent. He knows exactly what he is talking about and got me feeling like I would get the best headshots I've ever taken, and I did! The environment here is one of professionalism, support, education and fun! I look forward to coming to class every time. Thank you, Keep It Real Acting!" -Deb G.

I recently completed the commercial-pro class with Judy Kain & Francene Selkirk. I had been booking commercials for years, but was in a little slump. The class rejuvenated me. The day after the class ended I booked a GMC SILVERADO national spot. I booked the commercial with a Judy Kain "launch" and a Judy Kain "button."

Taking a class with peers and watching yourself each class on tape really sharpens your skills. This class is a must for the actors to do list.    - Michael R., Actor

I recently booked 3 online spots for Downy as a principal, and a few months ago I worked on a PSA as a principal and an infomercial as a principal! I definitely owe a lot of my success to you, Paul, Cynthia, and Francene :) As I mention in the quote, the casting director of the infomercial said that she'd specifically called me in to audition because she saw your class on my resume!    - Ashley N. 

Judy Kain and Francene Selkirk's On-Camera Commercial class is hands down the best in the business. I thought I knew all I needed to know until I stepped into day one of class, but from then on I was learning exponentially and thanking my lucky stars that I had found my way there! I could rant and rave for pages but instead I will just say this: From this class I got an awesome agent, and six auditions later I booked a national campaign!    - Morgan Shaw F.

When I signed up for the A-Z Commercial Class I had only been in Los Angeles for two months. I knew I wanted to be in commercials and was fortunate enough to find Keep It Real Studios. I had a class size of about 14 and we were all extremely different. Paul Hungerford really picked us apart on the first class and told us exactly what we needed to work on. After 5 weeks of training,  including an improvisation class, Paul and Judy teamed up for our last and final class. Both of them together were a dynamic duo: Paul addressing the men and Judy sharing her knowledge about wardrobe for the women. 
After completing the workshop I began to see results right away.  A week later I booked a Fresh n' Easy commercial and a month later I booked a national Taco Bell spot as a female sous chef! Aside from that I am also very proud to say that I was put on Avail for Comcast and got a callback for Boost Mobile!  I thank Paul and Judy for giving me the confidence to attack these auditions. Thank you for your goody bag full of tricks!  Shakira B.

Francene, I just finished shooting a DirectTV commercial for which you and you staff held the auditions.  I want to thank you and you staff for running professional auditions and am happy I made it through to the end and was cast. I credit much of my success to classes given by Judy, Paul and you.  - Joe A.

"I cannot say enough good things about Judy Kain! She is the best commercial teacher with which I have ever studied. Her techniques are easy to apply, and have made my performance 10 times better! She is fun, and makes you feel so comfortable to be yourself. This confidence translates in the audition room and I give all of the credit to Judy. After taking the Advanced Call Back Lab, I got a new commercial agent. I also LOVE the "Wednesday Workout". It is the perfect space to train your muscle and be ready for every audition. I am now enrolled in the Improv Workshop with Paul Hungerford. I am having a ball and learning more about improv acting at KIR than I have ever learned elsewhere.  I have been telling everyone to go study at Keep It Real. I'm just glad that my old agent recommended studying here, it is now HOME for me. By far the best acting studio, and instructor in LA--hands down!!!" - Eljae B.

"I had an audition last week and I booked it!!! Stacy Edwards worked me through the scene in last Tuesday night's Advanced Scene Study Class and the following day I applied the techniques to my audition performance. On the first run I received applause from the director and producers after following the technique and Stacy's direction! That in itself was such a great feeling! Then, the director asked me to do it again 180 degrees opposite from the first time, ʺjust for funʺ -- and this is where the technique really paid off -- because I was able to turn on a dime with no preparation and give the director exactly what he wanted to see. I have learned and grown so much as an actor since I started training at KIRA last February! Of course most of my work has been with you and Stacy, but I've also received excellent training from Suzanne Schmidt and Doug Traer when I went to some of the workout classes. Judy, I'm so thankful for all the resources and opportunities you've made available through KIRA. I'm also thankful for you and all the wonderful people at KIRA that compose your staff and make KIRA such a great acting school!" - John V.

"KIRA has Only, Quality-Talented-Respectful-Working-Fun Teachers.  No... Yellers or Negative egos in the KIRA Acting School!!! No sirriee! And that's why I keep coming back! KIRA is #1."  - Larjayne B.

"Judy aka the best damn commercial acting coach in the world!" - Don E.

"KIRA's Wednesday Workout is the perfect audition prep class. I went into my audition with little to no information but nailed my personality slate and improvised a scene that engaged the whole room. I booked it. Thanks KIRA!" -Beau B.

"Your workouts are worth their weight in gold. Thank you so much for sharing and working with all of us." - Carleen F.

Love Judy's energy and her positive approach to helping actors breakdown commercial copy.  Will be back for the ongoing workout, soon!!!    - Jonee S., Actor

"Judy and her amazing network of professionals are such incredible teachers, inspire-ers and helpers. In four weeks I feel like I've progressed more than I had in 6 months of other training." - Katie C.

I've taken Judy Kain's classes twice. Immediately after ending the first round of classes I was getting callbacks instantly. The second time I was in class within the first week I had a booking! I absolutely attribute my success so far to what I learned at TTG, this class is gold!    - Zach B.

I LOVED this class!! Judy really takes a personal interest in the students and learns their strengths and weaknesses to better help them succeed. I got to work A LOT in class, rather than the typical 'work for 5 minutes and observe for 2 hours' prototype. We got to see actual commercial auditions and judge talent for ourselves, which gave me an entirely new outlook on how I audition. Judy taught me an actual technique that I can now bring in to auditions and WOW the casting directors with! I wish I had taken this class when I first moved out to LA!    - Katie W.

Working with Keep It Real Acting has enabled us to book multiple national commercials like Target and T-Mobile; and several supporting roles in films. Judy Kain and her team are brilliant and care about getting you to be the best you can be as an actor. We highly recommend them!    - Joshua and Dakota B.

Definitely one of the top, most useful classes for any commercial actors in Los Angeles. I took the A to Z commercial class with Paul Hungerford and led to a 100% callback rate. Although I have excellent training I hadn't quite figured out the commercial formula - this class changed that.    - Verona B.

I just finished the commercial class with Paul and am so happy with all the "gems" I took away. Never too seasoned to learn more!!!!! GREAT CLASS!   - Sharon Z.

"Judy! THANK YOU for providing great audition tips in a relaxed, safe and motivating class environment. I'll definitely be using these insights on future auditions."  - Brenda G.

"We feel so blessed that Tristan has met well respected industry experts like you who believe in him & give him the constructive criticism & positive  encouragement that is vital for his growth in this business. We greatly appreciate it." -Rachel P.

Just wanted to say thank you again for last night.  I had a wonderful time seeing you and Francene in action.  You both teach a wonderful class and thanks for letting me be a part of it! -Bern D.

Keep It Real Acting.  That's a fact.  There is nothing magic in the acting game. It's hard work and lots of application - and honesty. This is where Judy came in.  I have been reasonably successful in getting some commercials over these past few years but never sought out a successful, professional actor to critique that which I was doing. I was encouraged by my agent to take a serious look at what Judy Kain, Francene Selkirk and KIRA had to offer, and subsequently signed up for the four class "Call Back" intensive. By the end of the first night  I had come to the realisation that I had been missing something these past years.  Judy nailed me!  This is where honesty comes in. BS'ing doesn't work. You need honesty. You may not like it, but the truth will open more doors. After I had taken 2 classes I had the good luck to secure a call back to a national commercial. I went in armed with a few of the points that Judy had nailed me on. I landed the commercial. (That alone has paid for the course several times over).  I do not think this class is for beginners. I believe you have to have knowledge of yourself as an actor and be comfortable in front of a camera to get the best out of this intensive. If you have been fortunate to get called in to auditions, but for that inexplicable, intangible reason, you get no further. give some thought to this intensive. Obviously there are no guarantees, (this is Hollywood!) , but you will be more confident and  better prepared when next you hear "state your name and go when you are ready". -Harwood G.

"Keep it Real... cause this is REAL !!! Since I moved to L.A. and started working on my acting training, I was always recommended to attend to one of Judy Kain and Francene Selkirk workshops. LADIES AND GENTS, this is as good as it gets. They will not sugar coat anything for you, they will teach you, prepare you, make you realize what areas you need to focus and develop and put you in a video so you can watch yourself and see the reality of your progress. Not only Judy and Francene are great at what they do and totally recognized for their job but they also bring on-board great talent to help us with different FREE SEMINARS, yes! i said FREE seminars and other workshops that will totally come handy when you need them.

My first class that also was taught by Paul Hungerford was totally a success. Not only was really funny and entertaining but they brought their personal stories to what they teach and you as an actor can relate because you know you are going through the same the already did.
There is nothing more beneficial that studying with someone that speak to you the truth of the business and make you realize whether you are ready or not for the challenge.

Tonight, I just got back from one of those FREE seminar where I learned a lot with special guests Bryan Wold and Blair Hickey... such an amazing night. In other words, ACTORS, specially those starting their careers. My best advice to you before you start spending a lot of money and time on things that may not help you in your career, is do your research, meet the real people that can help get where you want to be and above everything else... KEEP IT REAL ACTING." -Eduardo R.