The 3 BEST Ways To Stay On Casting's Radar!

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Actors always wonder “Why am I not getting more auditions?”

And I always wonder"what are you doing to make that happen?"

The truth is most actors work very hard to get an agent, but once they do, they rest on their laurels and wait for auditions to pour in.


You certainly can do this, but a more proactive method is to develop relationships with casting. I am not suggesting you become their best friend, but DO get your photo, name and work in front of casting as often as possible, and believe me your auditions will increase.




Here are the 3 most effective ways to get your work in front of Casting Directors:

1. Postcards: Inexpensive and effective way to announce, introduce, inform or stay in touch. The postcard should have a photo of you, contact information and news that they should know. Examples include:

  • I am working

  • I am studying (Where and with whom)

  • New agent ( within a year is new)

  • New manager  ( within a year is new)

  • New headshots  ( within a year is new)

  • Great achievement ( hiked a mountain, Graduation, Baby, Marriage etc)

For more info regarding postcards, check out I BOOKED IT


Actors always ask if they should send a thank you after an audition, and I say NO!

It looks too desperate. You want to create the illusion that this was one of many audition you had this week. However, you can send a thank you to the CD office and let them know how wonderful the session director ( name them )was for the audition ( name it ) and congrats on having a wonderful casting team.


Always include your photo in the form of business card or postcard so they remember who you are.


3. Social Media

Social media is another excellent way to be seen. Many CD’s have public accounts on facebook, twitter, and or instagram.Here are a few tips on how to stand out on social media:

  • Be a real person: Post about your dog, your kids or your baseball team on your personal page, and find ways to relate to castings’ posts on their public pages.

  • Be supportive: Share a photo on a set with another actor and talk about how wonderful it was to work with them rather than talk about how great you are.

  • Respond to posts in lieu of “liking”. Likes will go unnoticed, but casting may remember a funny or sweet comment on their page.

  • Congratulate CD's on their good work: Check out there websites for new commercials and let them know in a tweet or message how artful there casting choices were.  Acknowledge their accomplishments rather than constantly asking for auditions. Say something supportive, but do not be a suck up!

Commercial heavy events like the Superbowl and the Olympics are the perfect times to congratulate. Find out who cast the top 15 spots and get busy.

Good luck and see you on set!

Judy Kain is an actress, author and acting teacher in Los Angeles, California. She has appeared in over 400 commercials. Theatrical credits include recurring parts on The Fosters, The Odd Couple, Hand Of God, and Mad Men. For more information on networking and marketing, sign up for Judy's Business Of Acting Workshop.




Resolutions For The New Year

Judy Kain is an actress in Los Angeles, California.

Judy Kain is an actress in Los Angeles, California.

Happy 2018! For many actors, the the New Year and New Year’s Resolutions go hand in hand. Starry eyed hopefuls will imagine networking more, plan to nail every audition, and decide to look into that commercial class they have heard so much about. Unfortunately, keeping these resolutions is not always as easy as dreaming them up...not without the proper guidance.


The first step to keeping your resolution is to treat acting as a business and yourself as the CEO of said business. With this in mind, I have developed a system that enables actors, like myself, to accomplish small manageable goals in a clear and concise manner. I call this the Actor’s Business Plan. Give it a try and see how it works for you!


How to Write An Actor’s Business Plan:


Trim down your business plan to the absolute minimum. Do your best to omit unnecessary words and communicate your objective and strategy with minimal clutter.

1.    Describe The Struggles/Challenges You Are Having Right Now (no agent, not enough bookings, etc) Aim high, but also be realistic.

2.    Your Solution Where do you see your career going? What is the best case scenario? (to save money as I make my living acting. Or to get a recurring role on a hit sitcom)

3.    Business model Create a plan to accomplish your goals. (I will need to make $10,000 a month to live the way I want to in 5 years)

4.    Target Market With whom do you you need to network? Come up with a list of industry professionals (agents casting directors, producers etc) who could help you attain your goals and the ways in which you can meet them.

5.    Competitive Advantage What makes you special? Do you speak Spanish? Are you very funny?  Find ways to let your target market know you have these skills. (Skill clips, Video, website etc.)

6.    Management Team Who is helping you achieve your goals and do you need to gather more people on your team? Teams may include teachers, coaches, publicists, web designers, etc.

7.    Financial summary What does it look like now and where you want it to be? This is a cost breakdown of what you need to invest in ( classes, tapes, etc), and how you expect to make it back.

8.    Funding Required Establish a way to make the money requisite to fund your plans for the business. (Get a job, find donors, etc.)

Once your resolutions are set and the Actor’s Business Plan is written, start tracking your results. Compare the number of auditions you had before and after your new headshots, write down the casting directors you have met and the amount of times that have called you in, and make a list of interactions you have had with your agent.

Endeavor to be all that you can be in 2018. Create your Actor’s Business Plan and you will be a whole lot closer to making your resolutions a reality!


About the author:

Judy Kain opened Keep It Real Acting Studios in 2012. She teaches The Business Of Acting, Wednesday Workouts, Advanced Callback and A-Z Commercial Technique. Judy currently plays Lauren on The Fosters.



The KIRA Bunch: Meet Judy Kain

Here's the story of a lovely Judy who was running a Studio of her own! She had booking tips like no other, which she shared with all boys and girls...She truly is the Alice that keeps our KIRA Family together. Right on! Before you book it out of here, let's learn more about the groovy booking queen who has starred in over 400 commercials, movies and television shows. Can you dig it?

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 1.22.42 PM.png

Name: Judy Kain

Classes: Advanced Callback Class, A-Z Commercial Class, The Business Of Acting, Wednesday Workouts

Favorite Class Memory: Running into a student at an audition, and having him tell me he booked 9 commercials after taking my class. I love seeing my students succeed!

Favorite Holiday Tradition: Walking around tree farms with my son and cutting down our tree.

Hopes For The New Year: That my students continue to work hard and up their booking rates!

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Name: Hannah Cooney

Classes Taken This Year: Advanced Callback, A-Z Commercial Class, The Business Of Acting, Castable Actor

You Know Her From: Wednesday Workouts, Kids Commercial Class, Teens Commercial Class, Next Step

Favorite Class Memory: I loved applying what I learned in class to auditions and meetings. Right after taking classes, I signed with my commercial agent! My favorite memory from the kids classes is singing, dancing and improvising with the kids. 

Favorite Holiday Tradition: Opening one present and then watching A Child's Christmas In Wales with my family on Christmas Eve, cooking with my mom, sledding with my friends and family.

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Name: Tremayne Woodard

Classes Taken This Year: Advanced Callback, Mastering The Theatrical Audition

You Know Her From: Wednesday Workouts, Kids Commercial Class, Next Step

Favorite Class Memory: Watching my classmates do their dancing auditions in Advanced Callback Class.

Favorite Holiday Tradition: Watching movies with my family after Christmas dinner.

Hopes for the New Year: To book more theatrical work!



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Name: Donna Rusch

Classes: Next Step & Kids Commercial Class

Favorite Class Memory: The crazy unpredictable energy! A five-year-old boy once said to me, "You're pretty. But you need some lipstick."

Favorite Holiday Memory: Decorating the tree, eating Christmas dinner as a family, and celebrating the New Year with my daughters and husband!

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The KIRA Bunch: Meet Paul Hungerford

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Name: Paul Hungerford

Classes: Improv-A-Thon, Daytime A-Z Commercial Class

Favorite Class Memory: I love watching how my classes bond over the course of the 6 and 8 weeks they are together. It's also so rewarding watching their final performances and remember how much everyone has grown!

Favorite Holiday Tradition: Spending as much time with my girls as possible! There's something so magical about experiencing the holidays with my daughters.

Follow Paul on Twitter & Instagram, & learn more about him HERE.



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Name: Jessica Lynn Verdi

Classes Taken This Year: Advanced Callback, Improv-A-Thon

Favorite KIRA Memory: I have and always will credit Keep It Real Acting with helping me create the career I have today. Every teacher is better than the next, every class has increased my knowledge and sustainability in the business, and I always have a place to call home when it gets hard out there and I need some reassurance. I couldn't feel more grateful.

Favorite Class Memory: Man, Improv-a-thon with Paul Hungerford was a real catalyst for me. Taking that class changed the trajectory of my career, in a good way. There was always something memorable in that class, but making Paul Hungerford laugh was always a highlight.

Favorite Holiday Tradition: My family is highly competitive. Every Christmas eve, we play a rousing game of Celebrity. You know, the game that everyone has different rules for? That usually instigates a couple disagreements and arguments, which in my opinion, makes it all the more fun, because when my team wins, I know it's by playing fair and well.


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Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 1.23.00 PM.png

Name: Doug Traer

Classes: Teens Commercial Class, Wednesday Workouts

Favorite Class Memory: I enjoy meeting great new talent and having the opportunity to help them on their careers.

Favorite Holiday Tradition: Making eggnog with my family.

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The KIRA Bunch: Meet Joy Mamey

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Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 1.23.12 PM.png


Name: Joy Mamey

Classes Taken This Year: Castable Actor, The Business Of Acting, Pilot Season Prep, A-Z Commercial Intensive

Favorite Class Memory: All the laughter and "a-ha!" moments - I've learned so much about my type and marketability, plus all the specificity on how to market myself and start creating a career. I've loved watching my first takes and then my second takes with the great adjustments given by Judy Kain and Stacy Edwards. They know their stuff, y'all.

Favorite Holiday Tradition: Watching the 1980s made-for-tv-movie, "A Muppet Family Christmas!"

Hopes For The New Year: To book jobs like crazy!

Keep on keeping up with Joy by following her on Twitter, Instagram & her website!