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Keep It Real Acting Studios is proud to introduce the newest addition to our curriculum: Spanish Commercial Class! The six week class will be taught by accomplished actress, dialect coach and Spanish teacher, Soledad Campos. We sat down with Soledad to discuss her plans for the class and background in the business. Here is 5 Questions With Soledad Campos:

1. What will we be practicing in the Spanish Commercial class at Keep It Real Acting?

This class will give you a supportive space and plenty of time to work out and master your Spanish, in front of the camera, in various audition settings.  Mastering a language is like building muscle at the gym; repetition and consistency is crucial. We will practice scene auditions, testimonial auditions, interview auditions, MOS auditions, and one liner auditions, in neutral Spanish accent, to prepare you for auditioning for commercials in the Hispanic market.

2. Why is the Spanish Commercial class beneficial for me?

Practice makes things better, a lot better, and most importantly it makes YOU confident.

3. Will I have a chance to meet an agent at the end of the Spanish Commercial class?

Yes! A leading talent agent and manager will attend the final class.

4. Do I get to keep all of the recorded auditions from the Spanish Commercial class?

Yes! You can bring a flash drive to class or purchase one at the studio and we will save all of your work so that you can replay your auditions at home. Watching yourself is a great way to learn and become better.

5. Can you tell me a little more about yourself?

I am a bilingual actress who works in both general and Hispanic markets. I have taught Spanish for 14 years. For the last 10 years, I have been an on set dialect coach to Spanish and non-Spanish speaking actors for Spanish language commercials. I also assist Casting Directors throughout the audition process for commercials in Spanish. My theatre roots, in Washington, D.C., taught me discipline and respect for the craft, and my love for the performing arts led me to create and produce Encuentros: Latin/o America at The Smithsonian. I look forward to working more closely with everyone at Keep It Real Acting Studios.