Image Consultation
1hr $125

In order to be a working actor, you not only need talent, but you must present a marketable image to first get in the door.

  • Begin to see yourself how the industry sees you and know what distinguishes you from other actors in your category

  • Discover your specific type, unique brand, and the roles you can be booking today

  • Tips on how to present yourself as a marketable image: clothes, hair, makeup, and most importantly learn how to accentuate the most “castable” aspects of your personality

  • Learn to package yourself and your marketing tools (headshots, reels, postcards, etc.) into a commodity that casting directors, directors, and producers are buying

  • Identify ways to maintain your marketable image in an ever-changing business

  • No one is going to ‘get’ you, unless you ‘get’ you first.

Headshot Consultation
1hr $125

This one-hour consultation will give you the confidence and readiness to nail your next photo shoot and deliver shots that get attention.

  • Define your specific type and brand, and distinguish what separates you from other actors in your category

  • Pinpoint the roles you can and should be booking today

  • Create a shot list of the looks you need to market those specific jobs

  • Discover how to show your strengths and unique essence in each of those shots while bringing out more of your personality

  • Learn the art of connecting with the camera

  • Clothing selection to enhance each marketable look

  • Hair and make-up tips to capture your optimal marketable images

Headshot coach and model, TOM BURKE

Headshot coach and model, TOM BURKE

Tom Burke coached me through my last headshot session. He helped put me at ease, break old habits, and got me into a zone where I was doing my best work in front of the camera. I was amazed at how much he inspired me to go even farther. My agents and casting directors are finally getting me, because Tom helped me bring what is “unique and genuine about me” out in my pictures. If you get the chance to work with Tom Burke, do it.
— Jaime B.

Coaching Cancellation Policy:
If you wish to cancel:  Up to 2 hours before private coaching begins, we will refund all but the $35 processing fee.  No refund is given if canceling occurs after that.  We reserve the right to substitute our advertised instructor if they have to cancel for professional or personal reasons.  We will replace the instructor with a qualified professional.  By purchasing private coaching, you agree to these terms and conditions.  No transfers.  Bounced check fee is $30.00.