"KEEP IT REAL ACTING - L.A. Rehearsal Studio: There’s a reason Keep It Real Acting was nominated in multiple Readers’ Choice categories: It’s a community as much as an acting school, an artistic home as well as a fabulous rehearsal space. L.A. casting directors and actors alike converge at the North Hollywood studio, drawn by the state-of-the- art cameras, lighting, sound equipment, and computer software needed to create the perfect casting environment. Removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, artists have the freedom to rehearse, workshop, or record anything they may be working on, day or night. Renting space is one of many facets of a professional organization dedicated to helping L.A.’s performing arts community achieve their best, most authentic selves. Best of all? There’s free parking." -Backstage West

"Judy is a wonderful commercial acting coach that I would strongly recommend to any actor. She helps the actor get to the root of each commercial and teaches how to effectively use buttons that leaves a lasting impression."    - Hugh Leon, Coast To Coast Agency

"Keep It Real's enduring love of actors, coupled with it's unparalleled breadth of business savvy , makes this class an absolute "can't miss" for any actor who cares about their craft and career."    - Jennifer York, DPN Talent Agency

"Several of my clients through the years have taken Judy's courses in Acting! Awesome class, I highly recommend Judy to get you your callbacks!" -Laura Sixtos, Sixtos Talent

You are fantastic with the talent, and it was nice seeing experienced, trained actors interested in getting better! -Christine Tarallo

"I love your interactive teaching and constructive suggestions to allow the actor to make their own choices. You can absolutely see your years of experience and value through the moment the showcase began. Just effortless!" - Chrissy Eaden, Pantheon EXTREME

Your Classes are Wonderful!" - Gail Marx, Daily Talent Group

"I love Judy and Francene's class! What an amazing team they are!  After always sending actors to Keep It Real, I finally had the opportunity to sit in on one of the classes and fully understood why my actors' callback and booking ratio went up. With Judy's keen eye, nurturing nature, and complete understanding of this business, she honed in on each actor and brought out individual uniqueness. Then I witnessed Franny at her best, putting the actors through the auditioning process.  An excellent class for the novice, or the experienced actor wanting serious feedback by two knowledgeable, respectable professionals.  It was a beautifully organized, fast paced evening with amazing talent."    - Kim Muir, Pinnacle Commercial Talent

"I've taken KIRA classes twice. Immediately after ending the first round of classes I was getting callbacks instantly. The second time I was in class within the first week I had a booking! I absolutely attribute my success so far to what I learned at KIRA, this class is gold!"    - Zach Book, Casting Assistant

“As a talent manager it is refreshing to meet actors who are taught the fundamentals of ‘transitioning.’  I love how Judy and Francene teach actors how to make adjustments and go right back into action.  There is a certain confidence that comes in representing an actor that has been properly trained.  There are good commercial acting courses in Hollywood; Keep It Real Acting is definitely one of the great ones.”    - Face, Talent Manager, Face2Face Entertainment

[after a Commercial Class showcase] "Wow!! That was a terrific evening. THANK YOU. You are class act and extremely good at what you do." -Wendy W.

"Judy is simply terrific in all she does. As teacher of acting, her dynamic spirit comes through in every way. A commensurate professional based on her own healthy acting acting career, allows her to key in accurately on the performances of her new students and really bring them to new levels. Her commercial background makes her the best in her field with the younger talent at which sehe excels." -Kevin Pike, Filmtrix

"You don't know how much I appreciate you and your classes.  Have recommended more of my new clients to take your class.....every actor needs a good commercial workshop under their belt.....and every actor should take a fresher up class during their career." - Gail Marx, DTG

"I had a great time!! Let me know if any of them are looking for rep! I thought they all did an amazing job!!" - Isam Durzi, KOR

"The talent in your advanced scene study showcase was most impressive. Please extend my sincere appreciation to all your students for their wonderful performances. Keep up the great work!" - Sali Robertson

"I knew referring [my client] to your place would be the right move for her." - Patch Cutler

"I truly love watching how you direct and guide the actors to get them to where they need to be. You are terrific!" - Wendy Lungaro

"What Miss Storm had not done yet was book a commercial and NO callbacks. That changed IMMEDIATELY once we were referred to Judy Kain's KEEP IT REAL ACTING. She literally started getting callbacks after her third class and now her commercial agent over at Savage calls her a little commercial booking queen. In the last two months she has booked 3 national commercials, ( GM OnStar, Audi and Target). We are giving Keep It Real Acting ALL the credit!" -Robyn Simpson, Storm Ent.

ʺNot only does Judy provide a solid foundation for actors, she is a supportive, enthusiastic teacher who knows EXACTLY what the commercial world is looking for!!ʺ -Stephany Burns, Avalon Artists Agency

"No matter what the medium I trust any of my clients with the Group of Instructors at KIRA. Everyone from beginners to veterans will find a class to help improve their game.” -Mike O'Dell, BBA Talent

"Thanks so much Judy. I appreciate all the hard work you put into bringing out the best in each actor. We enjoy representing Marissa and she booked a McDonalds job after just a few classes with you." - Albert Gianelli, Omnium

"You are such a perfect commercial teacher. Judy what you did with those actors is incredible. You are so so so good at training these actors!"    - Chris Stark, Stark Entertainment

“Keep It Real is a terrific training ground for young actors and actresses looking to learn the proper tools and traits when auditioning and to improve and sharpen their craft.” - Jeremy Apody, Abrams Artists Agency

"Keep It Real's format allowed me to see the actor's work and get a sense of their personality in an effective and fun environment.  I left with a good sense of each performer's strengths, and all seemed confident, relaxed and ready to book!"    - Alicia Ruskin, KSR Talent Agency

"Our clients that have taken Judy Kain's Commercial Class come out ready to book!! We've seen them book awesome nationals thanks to Judy and Francene. Knowing the commercial audition trends is key to success. Keep it Real has it all!!"    Hayley Littman, Littman Talent Group

"If you want to learn from the best, you have to go to one of the best in the commercial casting world . I always tell my actors go to a class where they're auditioning actors today, they know what ad agencies are looking for, Keep It Real Acting!"    Lynn Eriks, Howard Talent West Agency

"I thoroughly enjoyed the class last night... Your talent impressed me and reflects your excellent work."    - Nancelyn Ward, Beverly Hecht Agency

We’re really happy with your coaching and coursework." - Denni Romo, HRI

"Very impressive - your organization, the professionalism of everyone, the quality of the talent and the efficiency!  You know how much THAT'S appreciated after a day at the office."    - Joan Messinger, Pinnacle Commercial Talent

"Our clients now have a renewed energy and sense of self-confidence [after taking KIRA classes]."    - Paula, Starcraft Agency

"I loved the way you taught the kids to think about speaking to someone and not the wall. Monologues and commercial scripts can so often fall flat, but when they are directed towards someone - it is so much more real and interesting. Making it a dialogue with the teacher was so great! Plus, the interviews you did are the same ones I use in our new client meetings. For me, I am almost more interested in how they answer questions, than how they do in their cold-read. I need to see their personalities because I know they can improve as actors as time goes by, but their personalities will be what guides their acting." -Emily Makarewicz, Apex Talent Group

"You are one of the best!" -Carol Elsner, AMT Agency

"Wanted to thank you for inviting me to speak to your actors.  Had a wonderful time!   It's fantastic to see the enthusiasm and interest for learning the techniques for commercial auditioning.  Such a great spirit in your class! You are a phenomenal teacher.  So supportive and your feedback is right on target. I wish you continued success!  What fun it will be to see your students on future commercials!" - Carol Lefko, Casting

"Thank you so much for keeping us in the loop and providing feedback to not only our talent, but us as well. We need more coaches like you." - Tim Le

"I love when my clients take your class. They get the BEST training and advise in town. I will referring lots more." - Gail Marx, DTG

"Thank you for having me! Was great to be apart of your class and was enlightened by the great talent you had." - Rachel Flores, Coast 2 Coast