(In some cases, failure to do so may result in loss of deposit and / or additional fees.)

•  I agree to read the description and class information BEFORE signing up.

•  I understand that Keep It Real Acting Studios accepts a deposit of 50% of the cost of class, and by paying the deposit I agree to pay the remaining amount before class on the first day.

•  I must bring cash or check for the remaining balance if I did not pay in full.  If I use a credit card, there may be a small processing fee in addition to the balance.

•  Keep It Real Acting Studios requires AT LEAST a 7 day cancellation notice before the start of class to be eligible for any refund.  If I wish to cancel, I must contact the office prior to 7 days before class is scheduled to begin, and only a processing fee of $35.00 will be accessed ($10 processing fee for The Castable Actor and for The Business of Acting.)  NO REFUND is given if canceling occurs after the 7 day period.

•  I will read the information in the confirmation email I will receive once registered for class; this includes our address & parking instructions and other pertinent information such as class start date and time.

•  I understand that Transfers are NOT Keep It Real Acting Studios policy.

•  NO transfers.  NO refunds.  NO exceptions.

•  I understand that discounts may be offered, and expiration dates are effective for each discount.  Discounts cannot be combined with other offers.

•  I understand that the refund and make-up policy is subject to Keep It Real Acting’s discretion & will only be considered if the missed class is due to a booking where I will be on set during class times.

 Make-Up Class Policy:

•  As a general rule, we do not offer make up classes.

•  If I have to miss a class due to booking acting work, excluding extra work, and have to film during class time. I may make up that class by attending that corresponding class during the next session. Example: If you miss Week 4 of class, you may attend the Week 4 class during the next session. If the class is not full, I may participate.  If the class is full, I may audit. I will provide a call sheet to Keep it Real Acting as proof of on set work.  Please contact the office ahead of time when scheduling a make-up class.  Outside of these circumstances, a fee will be applied to the make-up class.

•  I understand Keep It Real Acting Studios reserves the right to substitute the advertised instructor if the instructor has to cancel for professional or personal reasons.  They will be replaced with a qualified professional.  

•  Bounced check fee is $30.00.

• *A coupon will be given to you at the conclusion of the A-Z Commercial class.  You must notify us beforehand which workout you plan to attend.  Coupon must be present and forfeited at the workout in order to redeem.  Coupon must be used within one month after the conclusion of your A-Z Commercial class.  

• This is a class/workshop/showcase and is not a job interview or audition or representation opportunity whatsoever. The presence of any teacher, casting director/associate, agent or manager is neither a guarantee nor a promise of employment or representation. It is NOT an audition nor employment/representation opportunity. The intent of the class/workshop/showcase is solely educational, a learning and networking experience.