(In some cases, failure to do so may result in loss of deposit and / or additional fees.)

•  I agree to read the description and class information BEFORE signing up.

•  I understand that Keep It Real Acting Studios accepts a deposit of 50% of the cost of class, and by paying the deposit I agree to pay the remaining amount before class on the first day.

•  I must bring cash or check for the remaining balance if I did not pay in full.  If I use a credit card, there may be a small processing fee in addition to the balance.

•  Keep It Real Acting Studios requires AT LEAST a 7 day cancellation notice before the start of class to be eligible for any refund.  If I wish to cancel, I must contact the office prior to 7 days before class is scheduled to begin, and only a processing fee of $35.00 will be accessed ($10 processing fee for The Castable Actor and for The Business of Acting.)  NO REFUND is given if canceling occurs after the 7 day period.

•  I will read the information in the confirmation email I will receive once registered for class; this includes our address & parking instructions and other pertinent information such as class start date and time.

•  I understand that Transfers are NOT Keep It Real Acting Studios policy.

•  NO transfers.  NO refunds.  NO exceptions.

•  I understand that discounts may be offered, and expiration dates are effective for each discount.  Discounts cannot be combined with other offers.

•  I understand that the refund and make-up policy is subject to Keep It Real Acting’s discretion & will only be considered if the missed class is due to a booking where I will be on set during class times.

•   Make-Up Class Policy:

If I have to miss a class due to booking acting work,excluding extra work, I may make up that class by attending that corresponding class during the next session.  Example: If you miss Week 4 of class, you may attend the Week 4 class during the next session.  If the class is not full, I may participate.  If the class is full, I may audit.  Please contact the office ahead of time when scheduling a make-up class.  Outside of these circumstances, a fee may be applied to the make-up class.

•  I understand Keep It Real Acting Studios reserves the right to substitute the advertised instructor if the instructor has to cancel for professional or personal reasons.  They will be replaced with a qualified professional.  

•  Bounced check fee is $30.00.