Discover your type, brand, and marketability

  • No one is going to “get” you, until you “get” yourself first.

  • Understand who you are, and how you fit in the business.

  • Pinpoint what separates you from other actors in your category.

Learn to see yourself the way the industry sees you

  • Get an HONEST REALISTIC & SPECIFIC “Industry” assessment of the image you are currently presenting.

  • Learn how to present yourself as a marketable commodity that people are buying.

Put your marketable image to work in a sellable package

  • Discover how to highlight your marketable image in every aspect of your acting life…headshots, reel, classes, meetings, auditions, relationships, clothing, etc.

Individual headshot evaluation and direction included.

Don’t just sit and wait for your career to happen.

Make it happen.  

Save time in your career and package yourself appropriately.

This class is a prerequisite to take the All-In-One Headshot class.

1 Day Workshop
ONLY $80

With image & Backstage expert, TOM BURKE (Bio).

next session: Sunday, november 10, 12p-4p


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