When you walk in to an audition with confidence, it is always appealing.  When you walk in cocky, it is almost always off putting.

The question is how do we FEEL confident? (Especially if we have not booked a job yet or in a while!)

Here are a few suggestions:
  • Find One thing about yourself that you are sure of and use that as your mantra before you go in. Ex: "I know I have great hair" or "I know I have the gift of good comedic timing." Walk in with that... and don't expect anything from them. If you focus on your strengths, your entire audition will project an air of confidence.
  • Be of service to them! Understand that they want someone to walk in and nail the audition so that they can go home. Keep that in mind. They want you to succeed! Go into the audition as if you're stopping by to help them out. Ex: You have the perfect looks, hair for the role. You are there to help them solve their problem- which is to find the actors to make the commercial work. Let them know by your CONFIDENCE that you can help them solve their problem.
  • Leave the audition knowing you offered them a solution for fun and for freeSay a polite, "Take care!" "Nice to see ya!"  "Have a great day!"

Try it on your next audition and let us know how it works for you... And see if the ride home is more pleasant!

-Judy Kain