As a Children’s Acting Instructor and Coach, I often work with kids who don’t have any “credits” yet in the business.  For this reason, parents have not put anything but their child’s name, age and contact information on the back of their child’s headshot or picture.  This doesn’t give a potential Agent, Manager or Casting Director much to go on when considering whether to see your child.   With all of the competition out there, there are things you can put on your child’s resume to give them every advantage.

First, if your child does not have traditional credits, that’s ok.  Everyone begins somewhere. You want the person looking at your child’s resume to learn something about your child. What does your child like to do outside of acting? For very young children, this can be simple things such as loves to swing, rides  a tricycle, scooter, swims with floaties (or without), loves to sing children’s songs, likes to do somersaults. Don’t forget unique characteristics such as has a cute belly laugh, dances in a funny way to music, or has a cute lisp that’s still understandable.

For school aged children, it can be any school performances in which they’ve performed, music lessons, karate, gymnastics,  sports teams, skateboarding, choir, expert at video games, competes in Science Fairs, loves to run, Scouting, dirt biking, water skis, snorkels, etc…  And for all ages, list ANY acting classes they have taken, including the instructor’s name and the studio’s name if applicable.

The more a person can get to know your child, the better your chances are that they may get called in for an audition or Agent meeting.  The most important thing is to make sure your kids are having fun at whatever they do.

Donna Rusch Kids Classes

Donna has more than 20 years experience as a professional actress and broadcaster.  She is a former TV News Anchor and Television Show Host and has been seen in more than 100 commercials and Industrial films, most recently for clients such as Sara Lee, Suave, Curves, Farmers and Merchants Bank of California and Reliant Energy.  Donna can be seen in the Ben Affleck thriller Gone Girl” and has a lead role in “The Periphery” now winning awards at film festivals.  Recent television credits include Criminal Minds, Revenge and the new ABC series “How to Get Away With Murder”

Donna has extensive experience working as an acting coach for kids and teens.  She says “I so enjoy my career and find it both a thrill and privilege to mentor the next generation as they reach for their dreams. “