Here's the story of Jessica Lynn Verdi...she makes the world a whole lot brighter! Jessica is a talented actress, hilarious improviser and an incredibly hard worker. Check it out!

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Name: Jessica Lynn Verdi

Classes Taken This Year: Advanced Callback, Improv-A-Thon

Favorite KIRA Memory: I have and always will credit Keep It Real Acting with helping me create the career I have today. Every teacher is better than the next, every class has increased my knowledge and sustainability in the business, and I always have a place to call home when it gets hard out there and I need some reassurance. I couldn't feel more grateful.

Favorite Class Memory: Man, Improv-a-thon with Paul Hungerford was a real catalyst for me. Taking that class changed the trajectory of my career, in a good way. There was always something memorable in that class, but making Paul Hungerford laugh was always a highlight.

Favorite Holiday Tradition: My family is highly competitive. Every Christmas eve, we play a rousing game of Celebrity. You know, the game that everyone has different rules for? That usually instigates a couple disagreements and arguments, which in my opinion, makes it all the more fun, because when my team wins, I know it's by playing fair and well.


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