Here's the story of a lovely lady who was teaching 2 classes of her own...Soledad Campos is the groovy actress and dialect coach teaching Spanish Commercial Intensive & Wednesday Workouts at Keep It Real Acting Studios! It's much more than a hunch that you're going to love learning more about her...

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Name: Soledad Campos

Classes: Spanish Commercial Intensive & Wednesday Workouts

Favorite Class Memory: When I walked into the classroom and two students couldn't wait to tell me that they had booked their first commercial. The hugs were amazing, and the sense of community was so palpable. Every student got up and we did a group hug!

Favorite Holiday Tradition: Getting the family together on Christmas Eve to celebrate the birth, dinner and opening presents after midnight!!

Hopes for the New Year: That we continue to stay positive and optimistic about life and our work...that we, as artists, can keep making this a better world. We are in one world and we are in it together. 

Mantra: Love First

Learn more about Soledad's upcoming projects HERE & watch her in action below!