Judy Kain with Jessica Lynn Verdi at the Dropping The Soap Premiere

Judy Kain with Jessica Lynn Verdi at the Dropping The Soap Premiere

I was lucky enough to have recently attended the Premiere of The New Series DROPPING THE SOAP  at the Writers Guild.   I love going to Private Screenings or openings of shows because the energy and excitement from everyone involved is heightened with expectations and hope for the success of the project.  And I always run into old faces make new connections with fellow actors and leave with a sense of inspiration and encouragement.

Dropping the Soap did not disappoint on any level.  First of all the Red Carpet was off the chart! Star studded for sure with Jane Lynch (Producer and star  of Dropping the Soap) Missy Pyle, who plays the French maid in the Failing Soap Opera COLLIDED LIVE; Patrick Fabian, who is hilarious as Lance Dupree; Dot Marie Jones, ( Glee); Carolyn Hennessey‏  (General Hospital, True Blood, Cougar Town, John Michael Higgins  (Wilfred, Tween Fest ); in addition to the amazing cast Paul Witten, Kate Mines and Suzanne Friedline. The cameras were flashing and the interviews flying during the extremely tasteful reception.

We all made our way into the packed theater to find a seat. The cast got up on the stage and thanked the sponsors and all the attendees for supporting the project. Jane Lynch was the spokesperson for the group and started off the screening with panache and humor.

From the moment the series started the theater was laughing. The story follows the cast of a fledgling soap opera as they each try to figure out how they will survive and stay on the show.   A new tough-as-nails executive producer is hired to bring new life to the daytime drama, played by the Lynch, tensions run high and hilarity ensues.

There are 10 six minute episodes and each one is as rich, irreverent and bold as the next. Paul Witten’s performance is far and away some of the funniest stuff I have seen on TV. He is supported by a vastly talented group of stars, each one creating surmounting foils for Julian Draker to try to overcome.  The final episode Julian is faced with a difficult choice and tells the world his secret. I won’t give away the big finish, but will say Witten’s final monologue is worth the wait.

After the premiere, we all filed into the lobby to congratulate the cast and crew for their amazing work, rubbed elbows with the celebs and had one last slice of cheesecake. It was an honor to be there to share in the success.

Check out the trailer here: Dropping The Soap, and make sure to watch the webseries on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google play, or dekkoo.


 Judy Kain is an actress known for The Odd Couple, Hand Of God, and Married With Children. She  opened Keep It Real Acting Studios in 2012. In 2016, she was voted "Favorite Audition Teacher" and "Favorite On-Camera Teacher" In the Backstage Reader's Choice Awards. Judy teaches The Business of Acting Advanced Callback, Commercial A to Z and Commercial Wednesday Workouts.