For the actor... everything is an OPPORTUNITY.

The business has changed over the years tremendously and there is much less personal interaction.

Judy Kain is an actress, teacher and studio owner in Los Angeles, CA.

Judy Kain is an actress, teacher and studio owner in Los Angeles, CA.

More and more auditions are on tape so we don't necessarily meet as many people as we once did.  That is unfortunate, but a reality we have to accept. However, there are ways for actors to get seen, make connections and put your best foot forward at every turn.


I was at an IMPROVISATION SHOW the other night and the actors were asked to bring head shots to give to industry attending. Only a handful of actors brought head shots and I left scratching my head. The head shot for the actor is your calling card. It is a business card for the artist. It shows your experience yes.. and of course training, but most importantly HOW TO REACH YOU!!!!


Even though you made not be in need of an agent or a manager, you may think... I don't need one right now, Anyone in the business knows other people. The attending guest may have a brother or a mate that is producing a film and needs someone just like you... but there is no way to reach you.


I have literally been in an office and saw a photo of someone on the desk ... and I ( an actress) made a comment on how talented the actress was... and the next week that office called her in for an audition!  Had she not had her photo there.. that OPPORTUNITY would not have happened.


I know that energy is working in your favor when you put your self out there with a headshot, postcard, business card.  You are putting your brand out into the world and something will happen. Certainly more than if your photo was at home sitting in a drawer. 


Keep your resume updated. If you are taking a class now put it on your resume. Keep your credits current and make sure they sound as good as they can. You can always make a mediocre credit sound more impressive by the way you phrase it.  Put names of instructors that are well known or the name of studio instead of teacher if that is more recognizable.


Classes are perfect places to network. Every actor, teacher and studio is FULL of OPPORTUNITIES. Be sure everyone has your info, headshot, or at least your business card ( that has a photo on it) 


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