When somebody asks me what I do for a living, I usually say, " I drive around town and change my clothes".

That is what it feels like most days. I leave the house with a variety of outfits and hair products that enable me to transform from audition to audition. I can go from an uptight CEO in a business jacket and pencil skirt, to a relaxed stay-at-home mom, in a layered sweater and blouse combo draped loosely over khaki pants, cooking a yummy meal for her family.

Oddly enough, I have always referred to my audition outfits as costumes, not wardrobe! So it really is like Halloween every time I dress up for a role.

Image and Branding Specialist, Tom Burke, says clothing can “make or break an audition”, and I thoroughly agree with him. Even a little bit of effort will help casting better imagine you in the part and can give you the competitive edge you need to book it.

If you are one of those people who doesn't have a clue what to wear, make Google your new best friend. Search for images of the types of roles for which you’re auditioning, and you will get a sense of wardrobe essentials.

Also, start watching TV for the outfits. And don't just look at the stars or leads. You will gather fantastic costume ideas watching the day players and guest stars.

Lastly, make sure to remember that branding and costumes go hand in hand. Once you know who you are, you will know how to dress, and once you know how to dress, casting will know who you are.

What are you waiting for? Pack your costumes, start booking...oh, and make sure to have a Happy Halloween too!

Judy Kain is an actress who has appeared in over 400 commercials and over 100 film and television shows. Her most notable recurring roles include Mad Men, The Odd Couple, and Hand Of God. Judy is the owner of Keep It Real Acting Studios. Her newest workshop, What’s The Plan?, is being offered Sunday, November 4th!