I am so excited to have The Business of Acting Online Course launch on my birthday. I can think of no better present for myself than to share the tips and tools I've acquired during my 40+ years in the business with actors across the country.

For years I have been teaching commercial and theatrical acting technique to Angelenos at all stages of their careers. During this time, I have noticed that the acting skills and techniques students were learning did not necessarily translate to the business skills requisite to land acting jobs.

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I started taking time out of class to tell actors how to make connections and get themselves noticed. I even started reaching out to agents to suggest they meet certain stand out actors in class. As I worked to champion each student's career, the gap between acting training and business training became more and more transparent.

I have had and continue to have a very active career, partly because of a great team of agents and managers, and also because I continue to market myself and find ways to stay on people's minds.

In the beginning of my career, I did all kinds of things to get known in town, such as writing letters to producers, handing my headshot to personal assistants and dropping my Film Studios just to say "hello". Of course, the film industry has evolved since I first arrive in Los Angeles, and I have had to adjust to the ever changing business while maintaining the creativity and drive I needed to originally grow my business. With hopes that my students could do the same, I started teaching my Business Of Acting Class.

The first time I taught the course, I spoke out of a two and a half inch folder for four and a half hours, but still felt I hadn't covered all the material I needed to cover. Throughout the years, the folder grew thicker as the material grew larger, and I soon determined that the best way to share as many acting business insights with as many actors would be to create an online Business Of Acting Course!

The information in the online course is streamlined to target actors' exact needs. It covers everything from resumes to getting an agent to cultivating the relationship with the one you have to effective marketing tools.

I love helping actors and seeing how they apply these tools towards a big win. It happens daily! Emails and phone calls from actors who acquired new agents or took the perfect headshots or were called into audition for a casting director after sending them postcards...

Nothing feels better than hearing THIS STUFF WORKS and I look forward to hearing how THIS ONLINE COURSE WORKS FOR YOU!

Judy Kain is an actress, acting and business teacher in Los Angeles, California. She has appeared in over 400 commercials. Her theatrical credits include Hand Of God, The Odd Couple, Mad Men and The Fosters. Learn more about The Business Of Acting Online HERE and her book, I Booked It HERE.