Acting is the one art form that is challenging to practice on your own. Artists can paint or create alone; musicians can play instruments solo, hone skills or write songs unaided; and writers most definitely can create in the solitude of their own home.

However, actors need others to be able to perfect their craft.

Many actors shy away from class when they are busy with film, television and commercial auditions, but

for my money, this is the best time to be in a class. Ensuring your skills are sharp on a moments notice is essential to becoming successful. Being prepared will always beat rushing out to get coached and feeling stress and pressure about the prospect of the audition.

I have heard countless stories of actors who were going to quit acting before an opportunity presented itself that changed the trajectory of there lives forever.

  • Chrissy Metz was about to give up acting when This Is Us came in.

  • Stephanie Courtney was down to her last few dollars in the bank when she auditioned for Flo in the Progressive Commercials.

  • Bradley Cooper was ready to leave the business before he booked Wedding Crashers.

Had these actors not been studying, they would not have been prepared when the opportunity knocked.

Class reaps so many benefits beyond the obvious necessary training and technique skills. Class:

  • Surrounds you with a community of like-minded people.

  • Creates awareness of the projects and work others are doing.

  • Sends energy in a positive and proactive direction.

  • Builds confidence that is intoxicating in the audition room.

So go ahead: Jump into an acting class and see what it does for you and your career.

Judy Kain is an actress known for The Odd Couple. Hand Of God and Mad Men. She is the owner of Keep It Real Acting Studios. Work with Judy in A-Z Commercial Technique, Intermediate Commercial Intensive, and Advanced Callback Class.