Mothers Day is my favorite day of the year! Even more so than my birthday because it a day to celebrate one of the greatest accomplishments and roles I have ever played: being a Mom.

Being a mother is the most selfless role I have ever played. It demands that you think of the little person's needs first and foremost. The simple act of taking a shower becomes a luxury, while feeding, rocking and changing a baby is the priority.

Judy Kain and her son Frankie Manes.

Judy Kain and her son Frankie Manes.

I have had the added pleasure of watching my son (now 25) have a wonderful career as a child commercial actor. It happened completely by accident but turned into an incredible blessing for us both.  Of course, being an actor mom also had it’s own set of challenges: I had to drive Frankie all over town to his auditions, juggle my busy career, eat on the fly and rush around to get him headshots and postcards.

I was humbled to be the Mom of the star on the set and shunned to the waiting area with the other Moms. But it was all worth it.

I was even able to save enough residual money to pay for his college for 5 years at Private University.  YIPEE!

Additionally, having a son and becoming a single mom, gave me such a wealth of experiences to draw on in my career. I have had and continue to have the privilege of playing a lot of moms in commercials, films and television.

The ups and downs of life allowed me to have a vulnerability and grace that could have felt less genuine if I didn't have those daily experiences to reflect on. For that I am forever grateful. 

Currently, my son is working in production as he climbs the ladder to becoming a full-fledged producer. This is perfect for a woman of my age. I look to it as my retirement plan. He gets the project and casts his mother in it.

Payback is a beautiful thing!

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