The New Year always brings up an internal resurgence, a renewal to increase, and a drive improve ourselves and our careers. Many actors set great goals for themselves, but get discouraged when it comes to starting.

Many of you have already set your goals for 2014, but may not know where to begin. Whether you're a veteran performer or are just getting started, here are two tangible ways to jumpstart your career in 2014:

Step 1: Complete an honest self appraisal of your assetts and handicaps.
  • Is your look working? 
  • Are your pictures an honest reflection of that look?

If not, get some new head shots that show a spark of your personality.

It is okay if you are not beautiful; in fact, it is almost better to have a natural look, an approachable every man look. This is the trend for commercials these days.

There are classes and coaches available to help you be honest about marketing yourself... You are a product, a viable commodity!
For more information on branding and image consultation, view our Image Management Tab.

Step 2: Send that new head shot out to casting and the industry at large.  Post on FB, tweet, create a postcard that highlights your new look and send it out. It is important to stay in the minds of those who can help us get jobs. They have a lot on their minds and timing is everything...

Accept the challenge of not only setting goals for the New Year, but accomplishing them. Let's make 2014 the year to jumpstart your career!

Happy New Year!
Judy Kain
Owner - Keep it Real Acting Studios