Really?  My child is 4…. Do they really need a class?

I used to say NO.. They are only 4… But then, I noticed that the same 10-20 kids book all the commercials in that age category. I talked to some session directors  and Casting Directors who said… “Some kids know what to do and some do not.  Kids who are confident book!”

NOW my answer is a resounding YES!!! On Camera Commercial class will help develop confidence in  the room for kids by the information gained in class.    . Practicing talking to the camera, Standing on the mark and knowing where to look seem like little things but they make a BIG difference in the audition room and especially at the callback.

A good, basic, fun but informative class is all 4-6 year old needs to give them a competitive edge. Those who are shyer may need to take it more than once to get them more comfortable. Overall it is a small time and financial commitment that can bring huge return on your investment.  And if they don’t become Dakota Fanning they will have learned some valuable skills to listen, play well with others, confidence and communication skills. Who cannot use that in life?

                                                                                                        - Charla

Charla Cochran
Charla Cochran is a youth teacher at Keep it Real Acting and has been teaching young children and teenagers for almost 20 years. She received her BFA in Theater Education from the University of Utah in 1995, where she served as Artistic Director for a touring program promoting child abuse prevention.  Charla relocated to the West Coast after directing her own youth theater company in Birmingham, AL, for 10 years.  She has a special gift for working with very young children and has nurtured and encouraged many young actors to find their creative voice.