Here's the story of a man named Ketsios...George Ketsios teaches our Evening A-Z Commercial Class, and he does it to the max! Far out, right?! He also has some pretty groovy things to say about his class, his family, and the holidays. Check it out!


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Name: George Ketsios

Class: A-Z Commercial Class

Favorite Class Memory: I love the joy of sharing my knowledge and experience with new actors who are beginning their journey or looking to reinvigorate themselves.  Laughing too, there is lots of laughter in my class.   Once I had a student eat another student's Reese's candy cup, and then I ended up giving the student $1 dollar towards the purchase of a new one.  Guess you had to be there, but it was a funny experience for all.

Favorite Holiday Tradition: Opening gifts from Santa on Christmas Eve, writing letters to Santa with my son and leaving presents under the tree.'s all about family.

Learn more about George HERE & watch him in action below!