Here's the story of Joy Mamey...Gee, is she good at graphic design, stand up comedy & acting! Sha na na IT'S TIME to learn more about her...


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Name: Joy Mamey

Classes Taken This Year: Castable Actor, The Business Of Acting, Pilot Season Prep, A-Z Commercial Intensive

Favorite Class Memory: All the laughter and "a-ha!" moments - I've learned so much about my type and marketability, plus all the specificity on how to market myself and start creating a career. I've loved watching my first takes and then my second takes with the great adjustments given by Judy Kain and Stacy Edwards. They know their stuff, y'all.

Favorite Holiday Tradition: Watching the 1980s made-for-tv-movie, "A Muppet Family Christmas!"

Hopes For The New Year: To book jobs like crazy!

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