Here's the story of Hannah Cooney...she has golden hair like the Brady Mother...she's truly a far out girl. Golly, this actress and social media coordinator sure is cherry! Want to learn more about her? We'll clue you in...

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Name: Hannah Cooney

Classes Taken This Year: Advanced Callback, A-Z Commercial Class, The Business Of Acting, Castable Actor

You Know Her From: Wednesday Workouts, Kids Commercial Class, Teens Commercial Class, Next Step

Favorite Class Memory: I loved applying what I learned in class to auditions and meetings. Right after taking classes, I signed with my commercial agent! My favorite memory from the kids classes is singing, dancing and improvising with the kids. 

Favorite Holiday Tradition: Opening one present and then watching A Child's Christmas In Wales with my family on Christmas Eve, cooking with my mom, sledding with my friends and family.

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