Here's the story of a lovely Judy who was running a Studio of her own! She had booking tips like no other, which she shared with all boys and girls...She truly is the Alice that keeps our KIRA Family together. Right on! Before you book it out of here, let's learn more about the groovy booking queen who has starred in over 400 commercials, movies and television shows. Can you dig it?

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Name: Judy Kain

Classes: Advanced Callback Class, A-Z Commercial Class, The Business Of Acting, Wednesday Workouts

Favorite Class Memory: Running into a student at an audition, and having him tell me he booked 9 commercials after taking my class. I love seeing my students succeed!

Favorite Holiday Tradition: Walking around tree farms with my son and cutting down our tree.

Hopes For The New Year: That my students continue to work hard and up their booking rates!

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