The KIRA Bunch: Meet Tremayne Woodard

Here's the story of a Tremayne Woodard...Gosh, is this chick talented! She is a cool actress, worker, basketball player, all around hip person. Here's the rest of her story...

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Name: Tremayne Woodard

Classes Taken This Year: Advanced Callback, Mastering The Theatrical Audition

You Know Her From: Wednesday Workouts, Kids Commercial Class, Next Step

Favorite Class Memory: Watching my classmates do their dancing auditions in Advanced Callback Class.

Favorite Holiday Tradition: Watching movies with my family after Christmas dinner.

Hopes for the New Year: To book more theatrical work!



The KIRA Bunch: Meet Donna Rusch

Here's the story of a talented lady who was working with some very lovely kids...Donna Rusch sure is swell. Not only is she a far out actress and teacher, but she is a dynamite paddle boarder! Boy, are we excited for you to learn more about her...

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Name: Donna Rusch

Classes: Next Step & Kids Commercial Class

Favorite Class Memory: The crazy unpredictable energy! A five-year-old boy once said to me, "You're pretty. But you need some lipstick."

Favorite Holiday Memory: Decorating the tree, eating Christmas dinner as a family, and celebrating the New Year with my daughters and husband!

You can follow Donna on Twitter & Instagram, and learn more about her work HERE.





The KIRA Bunch: Meet Paul Hungerford

Here's the story of Paul Hungerford...This sweet sweetheart will always be your friend. Just join him for an improv class or a commercial class or just keep reading to learn more about him!


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Name: Paul Hungerford

Classes: Improv-A-Thon, Daytime A-Z Commercial Class

Favorite Class Memory: I love watching how my classes bond over the course of the 6 and 8 weeks they are together. It's also so rewarding watching their final performances and remember how much everyone has grown!

Favorite Holiday Tradition: Spending as much time with my girls as possible! There's something so magical about experiencing the holidays with my daughters.

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The KIRA Bunch: Meet Jessica Lynn Verdi

Here's the story of Jessica Lynn Verdi...she makes the world a whole lot brighter! Jessica is a talented actress, hilarious improviser and an incredibly hard worker. Check it out!

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Name: Jessica Lynn Verdi

Classes Taken This Year: Advanced Callback, Improv-A-Thon

Favorite KIRA Memory: I have and always will credit Keep It Real Acting with helping me create the career I have today. Every teacher is better than the next, every class has increased my knowledge and sustainability in the business, and I always have a place to call home when it gets hard out there and I need some reassurance. I couldn't feel more grateful.

Favorite Class Memory: Man, Improv-a-thon with Paul Hungerford was a real catalyst for me. Taking that class changed the trajectory of my career, in a good way. There was always something memorable in that class, but making Paul Hungerford laugh was always a highlight.

Favorite Holiday Tradition: My family is highly competitive. Every Christmas eve, we play a rousing game of Celebrity. You know, the game that everyone has different rules for? That usually instigates a couple disagreements and arguments, which in my opinion, makes it all the more fun, because when my team wins, I know it's by playing fair and well.


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The KIRA Bunch: Meet Doug Traer

Here's the story of a man named Traer...Doug Traer is the groovy teacher behind Teens Commercial Class & Wednesday Workout Commercial Teacher. He loves biking, his family and his cats...yep, he's not exactly a Tiger fan. We have a hunch that you'll love reading more about him...

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Name: Doug Traer

Classes: Teens Commercial Class, Wednesday Workouts

Favorite Class Memory: I enjoy meeting great new talent and having the opportunity to help them on their careers.

Favorite Holiday Tradition: Making eggnog with my family.

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The KIRA Bunch: Meet Joy Mamey

Here's the story of Joy Mamey...Gee, is she good at graphic design, stand up comedy & acting! Sha na na IT'S TIME to learn more about her...


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Name: Joy Mamey

Classes Taken This Year: Castable Actor, The Business Of Acting, Pilot Season Prep, A-Z Commercial Intensive

Favorite Class Memory: All the laughter and "a-ha!" moments - I've learned so much about my type and marketability, plus all the specificity on how to market myself and start creating a career. I've loved watching my first takes and then my second takes with the great adjustments given by Judy Kain and Stacy Edwards. They know their stuff, y'all.

Favorite Holiday Tradition: Watching the 1980s made-for-tv-movie, "A Muppet Family Christmas!"

Hopes For The New Year: To book jobs like crazy!

Keep on keeping up with Joy by following her on Twitter, Instagram & her website!



The KIRA Bunch: Meet George Ketsios

Here's the story of a man named Ketsios...George Ketsios teaches our Evening A-Z Commercial Class, and he does it to the max! Far out, right?! He also has some pretty groovy things to say about his class, his family, and the holidays. Check it out!


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Name: George Ketsios

Class: A-Z Commercial Class

Favorite Class Memory: I love the joy of sharing my knowledge and experience with new actors who are beginning their journey or looking to reinvigorate themselves.  Laughing too, there is lots of laughter in my class.   Once I had a student eat another student's Reese's candy cup, and then I ended up giving the student $1 dollar towards the purchase of a new one.  Guess you had to be there, but it was a funny experience for all.

Favorite Holiday Tradition: Opening gifts from Santa on Christmas Eve, writing letters to Santa with my son and leaving presents under the tree.'s all about family.

Learn more about George HERE & watch him in action below!



The KIRA Bunch: Meet Stacy Edwards

Here's the story of a lovely Stacy who was working with some very lovely actors. All of them had talent like their teacher...both the boys & girls. We're gonna keep on keep on keep on keeping it real about this amazing person....

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Name: Stacy Edwards

Class: Applying Technique To Scene Work

Favorite Class Memory: Working with my actors. I admire and am inspired by their willingness to take risks and grow. It's a pleasure to work with each actor. Most recently, the actors were asked to bring in a fond memory to  share with the class. Laughter & tears ensued. It was simply amazing.

Favorite Christmas Traditions: Fudge, decorating the house with my son, fudge, making eggnog, gathering with friends, and did I mention fudge?

Learn more about Stacy on IMDB & Facebook,  and watch her in action below!




The KIRA Bunch: Meet Soledad Campos

Here's the story of a lovely lady who was teaching 2 classes of her own...Soledad Campos is the groovy actress and dialect coach teaching Spanish Commercial Intensive & Wednesday Workouts at Keep It Real Acting Studios! It's much more than a hunch that you're going to love learning more about her...

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Name: Soledad Campos

Classes: Spanish Commercial Intensive & Wednesday Workouts

Favorite Class Memory: When I walked into the classroom and two students couldn't wait to tell me that they had booked their first commercial. The hugs were amazing, and the sense of community was so palpable. Every student got up and we did a group hug!

Favorite Holiday Tradition: Getting the family together on Christmas Eve to celebrate the birth, dinner and opening presents after midnight!!

Hopes for the New Year: That we continue to stay positive and optimistic about life and our work...that we, as artists, can keep making this a better world. We are in one world and we are in it together. 

Mantra: Love First

Learn more about Soledad's upcoming projects HERE & watch her in action below!



When & Where Does Your Audition Begin?

Doug Traer teaches Teens Commercial Class & Wednesday Workout at KIRA.

Doug Traer teaches Teens Commercial Class & Wednesday Workout at KIRA.

As an actor, session director and teacher, I've seen a lot of ways that actors can mess up their auditions. I point those things out to actors as often as I can.

Look, when you go it to audition for a commercial, you face some pretty daunting odds already. So it just doesn't make sense for you to add to those odds.

For instance, a couple of years ago, I reported a story about an actor who tweeted what a drag it was to have to wait to audition for a certain product. Problem was the client was in the room and saw the tweet before the actor came in. So that actor not only shot himself in the foot for that product, ad agency and casting director, his agent dropped him when we told him about it.
A somewhat similar thing happened recently. At callbacks for a fast food spot, for families that include a 15 year old girl, the director passed through the waiting room on his way to the rest room. As he went through, he heard one of the girls bragging about her Instagram account--things that were on it, how many followers and likes, etc. So when he got back to his computer, he looked up her account.
He found a number of sexy photos in very skimpy swimwear--hardly the image you would want for a teen girl in a wholesome family. Once he shared the photos with the clients, the girl was out of the running.
So she shot herself in both feet: the right when she posted the photos to her Instagram account, and the left when she loudly talked about them with the other girls.

In her defense, she was over 18 but playing 15 and there was no way for her to know that he was the director or would overhear her conversation. That being said, we all need to be aware of our exposure on social media.

Actors--think about what you post on social media. Look at it objectively and ask yourself if it can come back and cause you grief in the future.
Also, remember that your audition begins when you get out of your car at the casting facility and ends when you get back in. The time in between is not your own and you should always assume someone is watching or listening.  So be careful about what you say and do in waiting rooms.


Keep It Real Acting Studios offers many opportunities for child actors to learn about making smart choices. Sign your kids up for our Youth Improv Intensive, Teens Commercial Class, Kids Commercial Class or Next Step Commercial Class today!